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Not one swing for everybody - every body has its own swing!

 Do you know your correct power source?

You wouldn’t expect everyone to wear the same shoe size so why would you expect every “body” to swing in the same way? A well-trained golf teacher will endeavour to match the correct golf swing to your body shape; this will allow you to naturally access your correct power source. Identifying and understanding power source is a process I call “Body Type Analysis”. I assess every client I work with, but will only share the information with those few clients who like that level of detail. The important thing is that you get to know how you need to swing to match your individual shape, build, height, strength and flexibility. Get it wrong and it’s like wearing the incorrect shoe size. Your swing will be powerless and uncomfortable, get it right and you could unleash the swing you deserve! I believe that there is one swing for every body and everybody should have just one swing.



Body type analysis

In very simple terms, most people are one of 3 shapes. Short, wide and strong with limited flexibility, or, tall, skinny, relatively weak with considerable flexibility. In between these two distinct body shapes would be the medium balanced “average” body shape. Very few people fit exactly into a particular category, most are a hybrid mix of power sources, for example golfer John Daly is incredibly flexible for his shape. Many older players would be tall, skinny but with poor flexibility. My task in assessing a client is to match the correct swing elements to his or her individual body type. Very few golfers will fit their swing correctly by chance - it requires specialist knowledge.

If you suspect you have a power miss-match, you could benefit from a check-up now!

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