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 Backswing comparison of "Doctor" Nick and Tiger Woods using Quintic coaching

The human eye can see with the equivalent of 15 - 20 frames per second (although we don't actually "see" like a video camera, in this case the example is acceptable), so watching a golf swing with the naked eye provides just an impression of what actually happened. By using a high quality digital video camera on the course or practice ground, I can see 30 frames per second and view each shot in slow motion and frame by frame. This provides instant feedback on any golf shot and gives both client and teacher a clear view of swing errors and improvements. For a more in depth analysis I use the excellent Quintic coaching software which will allow me to see up to 450 frames per second, this means that of the average golf swing, I could see and analyse 800 pictures. But there is more! Quintic provides a huge box of "tools" for the coach so I can compare swings, analyse angles, overlay images, produce data on acceleration and much much more! Luckily, most of the computer analysis is done away from the client (unless they really want to see!), but the benefit is that the analysis is more accurate and obvious, giving both client and teacher confidence to make the necessary changes. The result is a quicker and long lasting improvement. Combined with the internet, I frequently communicate with clients by email, using the Quintic system to analyse swings that they have sent and returning comments, tips, drills or even a full coaching plan. With the use of the Quintic player that I supply to my clients they can also view any clips or drills I email back.


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