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I find that many recreational golfers feel that the mental side of golf is unimportant, only for professionals or people who can’t cope with pressure. They could not be more wrong! The mental side of golf is at least 25% of the game and on those occasions when your golf game is working flawlessly then managing your mind is really all you need to worry about. Learning how to control your thinking and emotions can have a substantial effect on how well and consistently you play golf. In any round most golfers, even professionals, make more mental mistakes than physical ones. It is far easier, quicker and more profitable to eliminate your mental mistakes. Whether you are 8 or 80, male or female - get serious about your mind management and you could be a better golfer by just dreaming about it!

Improve your confidence by visualising your best shots

“An inability to forget is far more devastating than an inability to remember - in both golf and life!”

 The best way to find the confidence to play a difficult shot is to remember a previous occasion when you have played a good shot with that particular club. Visualise your best shot. Professional golfers have a bank of good shot memories to draw on but most club golfers just seem to have a head full of bad shot memories. Why is this? Most people would say that it is because of all the bad shots recreational golfers hit. Not true! Professionals hit bad shot as well, lots of them. The difference is that the pro has elected to create powerful positive memories from their good shots and accept bad shots as something that happens to everyone.  Recreational golfers frequently accept their good shots as if they hit them all the time, but react to bad shots with horror and rage. Emotions are key in creating strong memories; most people remember exactly where they were when they heard about the atrocities on 9/11, because there was a strong negative emotion associated with the event. However, if you were lucky enough to have a big win on the Lotto, I guarantee you would remember where you were when you first read the numbers!

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