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Quotes Nick - I have met many people in my life and I must say that you are one of the best. While we have known each other only a short time, the help and support you gave to me was incredible. To readers of this testimonial, let me explain. I recently opened an indoor golf centre in Ennis. Part of the plan was to create a venue where the requirements of ALL golfers would be catered for - retail, repairs & custom fitting and teaching. Without doubt, the support that ?Doctor? Nick Obolewicz gave me helped me realise a personal goal. He gave his time and expertise willingly and unselfishly and without it I would not be where I am today - a qualified golf coach. The support and encouragement offered could only come from someone committed to teaching golf to everyone, no matter what the situation. Nick - I am both happy and proud to endorse all that you do in golf. Thank you so much for everything Ray Quotes
Ray Hallahan
Golf Coach

Quotes There have been many golfing greats in the world & some are blessed with great golfing minds. Nick Obolewicz is one of those unique people. I have met many golfing professionals & coaches throughout the world in my time within the golf industry & it must be said Nick has a wealth of knowledge rarely equalled; yet he continues to learn & search for new idea's that will better him as a coach, add to his wealth of knowledge & ultimately help his students. As a coach he is competent, passionate & will always get the very best from his students. Words seem useless to describe his talent & I could not recommend him highly enough for any aspiring golfer wanting to improve or to be the very best they can be, Nick will get you there. As my personal swing & shortgame coach I can only say he simply is the best. Quotes
Richard Clarke
Master Golf Professional

Quotes What a great golf book. Easy to read all at once, or just pick up when a part of your game is sick. The best thing about it all is that it works. A great example of this was in the area of putting. I WAS one of those people that, given a putt of more than 20ft, was likely to 3 putt. I either left if very short or raced it passed the cup. Thanks to Nick, and especially the drills in his book 'Better Golf Tips' I am now a 28 - 30 putt per round player. Thanks for the tips - they are always close at hand. Ray Quotes
Ray Hallahan
Owner - The Golf Arena, Ennis

Quotes In the four years I have been playing this game if golf I have read a countless number of golf books and magazines and I have finally found one that makes sense. This book is by design easy to follow and implement with lots and lots of helpful diagrams and illustrations throughout. The book is not limited to just the technical aspect of the golf swing but also has a very interesting section devoted to the mental game. There is a particular hole on my golf course (16th) where without fail every Sunday I hit a snap hook out of bounds. Last week after reading about the mind game I went out, approached the 16th and proceeded to smack it 250yrds down the middle. Much to the amazement of my playing partners. All in all this is a friendly, well laid out book, filled with lots of helpful drills and tips. Which is suitable for golfers of all levels from bogey to scratch looking to improve their game. Quotes
Tiarnan Doherty

Quotes I have lost 6 shots this year and am now playing off handicap of 17. This is as a result of my earlier lessons with you and I now look forward to playing so much and it is so enjoyable. Also what I like is if I make a mistake I know how to rectify the problem. What I have told people is that you made it so simple to understand what I was doing wrong .A shame it took so long to get to meet you. I had been to a few other pros for lessons but came away disillusioned and totally confused.I am now playing the best golf ever and have you to thank for making it so enjoyable. My playing colleagues cannot understand the difference since my lessons. Quotes
Nick Ryan
Thanks Nick from another Nick

Quotes I have had several golf lessons with some (expensive) golf pro's who are supposed to be good, but I had no success. I went to Nick because a friend recommended him to me and I was delighted! He explained what I needed to change in my swing, why and then he showed me how. He found the correct drill to give me the correct feeling and I quickly saw an improvement. I had to work hard at the changes, but Nick convinced me we were on the right track, so I stuck to it. Now I can swing with confidence and enjoy my golf. Quotes
Chris Wright
Much improved golfer!