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Costing less than a sleeve of golf balls, "Better Golf Tips" is a comprehensive collection of the most effective golf tips, tricks and drills available. Covering all aspects of the game with sections on the golf swing, the shortgame, course management and the mental game, "Better Golf Tips" is an essential guide for any recreational golfer looking to score better! You can buy safely today through Amazon in the USA, UK or Germany by clicking on these links or on the sidebar. Go on - you deserve to play better golf!! 

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  • "Nick - I have met many people in my life and I must say that you are one of the best. While we have known each other only a short time, the help and support you gave to me was i..."
    Ray Hallahan
    Golf Coach
  • "There have been many golfing greats in the world & some are blessed with great golfing minds. Nick Obolewicz is one of those unique people. I have met many golfing professionals..."
    Richard Clarke
    Master Golf Professional